SUPPORT NAC by making a small donation TODAY! 

In the impact of the COVID-19, NAC is striving for programming new piano music and advocating artists' collaboration. 

With the efforts of supporting performers and living composers, NAC also supports artists in multiple fields including visual arts, sound arts, and so on. 

To make NAC's mission grow further, your support is significant! 

NAC allocates the major funds to support our artists with honorarium and concert/recording production, on the side, the funds will be distributed to administration, event promotion, and future programming.

NAC accepts Credit Card/Debit Card, Venmo and Paypal Donation. Funds received will pass through IntermusicSF, guaranteeing the transaction and the use of the funds is fully transparent. 



Q and A about everything you want to know before making you donations. 

What will NAC be offering? 

NAC will produce a multimedia piano concert and a concert recording and a studio recording. 

NAC will create other projects to achieve its vision for creating works for new music and art, based on the collaborations by artists from multidisciplinary. 

What will my donations be spent? 

After the deduction of the fee for the recording production and PR, the remaining revenue, we will distribute its 65% to the artists, 20% to the administration, 15% to future programming. 

NAC is not-for-profit, and we wouldn’t hold extra funds in our account, instead, we spend them all on NAC events/items. 

Why supporting NAC? 

Your support will give NAC an opportunity to grow and develop into the future! 

NAC stands for new, independent, and experimental music, as well as interdisciplinary art and multimedia works. NAC supports artists from various disciplines and backgrounds, as well as in an effort of supporting the community for BIPOC, living composers, and woman artists. 

What will I expect after donating to NAC? 

After you donate to NAC, please feel free to submit a brief form. In this way, you will receive an electronic postcard in the special visuals by NAC artists with handwritten greetings, as well as the links for the early release of the NAC recordings before public release.

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      Your donation to NAC is Tax-Deductible. 


 *New Arts Collaboration is a fiscally-sponsored affiliate of InterMusic SF, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to small ensemble music in the San Francisco Bay Area.