NAC is an art project for presenting and promoting creative multimedia piano music through artist collaboration, initiated by a group of musicians based in California.

Series of live performances showcasing multimedia concerts and exhibitions as well as recordings are produced and released for the project. 

In NAC, piano music is transferred to a new version expressed by multiple art forms through various visions.  


NAC produces unique and fresh multimedia piano music. Performance and recording feature collaboration among music performers, composers and visual artists, bringing audience the ultimate experience through sound and visual image. 

The theme of the project in 2021 is New Piano Music Performing with Electronics and Visual Art. 


Performance and Recording in 2021

Date: November 7th, 2021, 4:00PM 

Venue: Old First Concerts, 1751 Sacramento Street, SF, CA 94109  


Date: Fall 2021, Date and Time To Be Determined 

Venue: Recital Hall, Center for New Music, 55 TAYLOR STREET, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94102 






 Belinda Reynolds






 Julie Barwick








Jean Ahn





Danny Clay






Brett Austin Eastman







Emma Logan


Visual Artist

Designer & new media artist visual new arts collaboration NAC Jean Ahn new piano music berlin singapore





Joanne Ho  



Charles Woodman electronic artist expanded media new arts collaboration NAC Belinda Reynolds New Piano Music TIng Luo video




 Charles Woodman 



ting luo pianist tingyuan new arts collaboration NAC artist piano musician music electronics multimedia artist

Ting Luo, pianist, has been curated music events for MTNA-CAPMT and for music professionals such as Jin Lai(pianist, piano professor) and so on. 

Ting Luo is currently working on NAC Project, collaborating with composers and visual artists, creating art works for the piano with multimedia.

In 2018-2019, Ting Luo performed in events such as ‘Young Professional on Stage’ CAPMT Recital Series at Norcal Music and Arts Center,and 2018 CAPMT State Conference.

In 2017 Fall, Ting Luo performed a series of solo piano recitals in prestigious venues in China such as Gulangyu Concert Hall, Guangxi University, Steinway Gallery and etc.

Ting Luo has won piano competitions such as The 2019 United States International Music Competition, The 2018 Piano Competition of Montecito International Music Festival in California, The 2017 Steinway International Youth Piano Competition and so on.

Ting Luo studied under legendary pianists such Daniel Pollack, Roger Woodward and so on. 


Website: LTingArts.com

M.M. USC. U.S. | B.M. XingHai Conservatory of Music. China         

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