Upcoming Event

KEYSCAPES 2024: New Identity in Improvisation for Piano and Percussion 

featuring Ting Luo, Kevin Corcoran, Motoko Honda, and Kevin Lo

Presented by New Arts Collaboration at San Francisco International Arts Festival 

Get ready for an unforgettable musical journey as we proudly present "KEYSCAPES 2024: New Identity in Improvisation for Piano and Percussion," featuring an extraordinary lineup of Bay Area performing artists: pianist Ting Luo, percussionist Kevin Corcoran, pianist Motoko Honda, and pianist Kevin Lo. Each performer brings their unique interpretation of the new identity in contemporary and improvisational music.

Artists will perform using acoustic piano, prepared piano, and live electronics created through expressive gestures, and percussion showcasing extended techniques. The strategic positioning of the instruments throughout the venue will allow audiences the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the experience. Audiences will have the option to explore the space and walk around to fully experience the soundscape.

This one-of-a-kind concert promises to push the boundaries of traditional piano and music performances, immersing you in a world of innovative sounds and captivating rhythmic and melodic ideas. Join us as these talented artists showcase their original improvisations.

Experience the enchantment of dynamic duets and trios, leading to a powerful culminating quartet performance. Brace yourself to be captivated by the boundless creativity of these innovative sound artists.


Date and Time: Sunday, May 12, 2:00 PM

Venue: Community Music Center, 544 Capp Street, SF, CA, 94110

More info, visit https://www.sfiaf.org/2024_new_art_collaboration

Buy Tickets, visit https://tikkl.com/sfiaf/c/festival?eventId=4304&section=buy-tickets


New Arts Collaboration Multimedia Piano Concert   

Date and Time:

Venue: Old First Concerts, 1751 Sacramento Street, SF, CA 94109



Past event

KEYSCAPES: An Evening of Contemporary and Experimental Piano Music

featuring Ting Luo, Motoko Honda, Brett Carson, Erika Oba and Andrew Jamiesen

co-hosted by New Arts Collaboration and artist Motoko Honda  

Date and Time: August 27th Sunday 4pm (PT), 2023  

Venue(in-person): Mosswood chapel at 3630 telegraph, Oakland, CA  

More info, visit sfsound.org/series






Cosmic Cliffs - New Arts Collaboration x Emerging Composers 2023 

Date and Time: May 19th Friday, 8 p.m. (PT), 2023 

Venue(in-person and live streaming): Old First Concerts, 1751 Sacramento Street, SF, CA 94109 

“Cosmic Cliffs finds inspiration in and uses imagery from NASA’s James Webb Telescope…both the audio and video interact with the performer during the performance.” - from the program note of Cosmic Cliffs by Dylan Findley.

New Arts Collaboration presents a multimedia piano concert featuring pianist Ting Luo, collaborating with living composers to present a total of eight piano pieces, which includes four world premiere multimedia piano works by emerging composers. This innovative and experimental piano concert will feature new works by Xuesi Xu, Dylan Findley, Sarah Wald and Cole Reyes, performed by pianist Ting Luo alongside multimedia projections and electronic sounds. Furthermore, to commemorate the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in May, the concert will feature works by Emily Koh and Juhi Bansal as well as an improvisational piano piece with sounds programmed in Supercollider by Joo Woo Park! The concert also features the world premiere of Sustain for piano and electronics by french artist Aries Mond. 

Watch Concert Archive: youtube.com/watch?v=WkdYF8x3jdo




The 2022 Monologues & Poetry International Film Fest

Featuring NAC's multimedia work - WORDS

Date and Time: December 18, 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm (PST),  2022

Venue: Online Screening at SCREENING 2 Event

More info, visit monologuesinternational.com/copy-of-2021-official-selections-sunday