New Arts Collaboration is a music and art project for presenting and advocating new piano works with extended technique and multimedia. In our vision, piano as a medium of human expression could be formed and involved freely and experimentally with other mediums including electronics, fixed media, and visual, which has its unique voice and soul to be heard. 

In addition, the approach towards the modern piano will be explored through non-traditional piano techniques including prepared piano, string piano and to name a few. 

Works presented by NAC are written by living composers, in the collaboration with selected artists from various fields including video art and installation art, etc. 

NAC has formed a strong bond for artists to be collaborative, be open-minded, and creative through the partnership.


2021 World Premier will be happening on November 7th at Old First Concert in San Francisco. 

In the premier, piano works will be performed with visual video and electronics soundscape, bringing audience the ultimate  listening and visual feast. 


Collaborator in 2021

Composer: Belinda Reynolds | Julie Barwick | Jean Ahn 

                        Danny Clay| Brett Austin Eastman | Chatori Shimizu | 

                        Christopher Cerrone

 Visual artist: Joanne Ho | Charles Woodman | Nicki Davis


*New Arts Collaboration is a fiscally-sponsored affiliate of InterMusic SF, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to small ensemble music in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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