August 3

NAC Composer Lineup for this November 2021!

Julie Barwick | Jean Ahn | Belinda Reynolds | Brett Austin Eastman 

Christopher Cerrone | Ting Luo 

Danny Clay | Chatori Shimizu


Ticket will be available soon! We will be having in-person and live streaming available for audiences.

July 22

Composer Chatori Shimizu discusses his views on exploring time and space with sound reverberation in his composition ‘Mu Absence’, and how it relates to culture and language. Inspired by Japanese painting, Chatori develops his concept of ‘perceive the unseeable through nothingness’ in his work. The piano piece with multimedia will be featured in the New Arts Collaboration concert 2021! 

Watch ‘Mu Absence’ in Hot Air Music Festival 2021:

July 19

Around, for piano solo and fixed media, by composer Julie Barwick will be presented at New Music Gathering Conference/Festival on August 15th.

And in this November, Around will be premiered with the visual work by video artist Nicki Davis! 


Date and Time: 

(Live Streaming Event) 


August 15th  5 P.M. CDT 


Event Details can be found here:

Watch it on YouTube:

July 5